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    Family Emergency Kit (this one is still under construction, but the blog has more info on it.) I would also add pet food and supplies.



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    Why adding Alum to your stockpile is important. I've used powdered alum for years as a blood stop. It's in my emergency kit as well as my home medicine cabinet.

    Good things to have with emergency preparedness

    Emergency Preparedness 72 Hour Kit Weekly Checklist- add something to your pack each week until it's complete! Takes away the stress of having to do it all at once! #72hourkit #emergencypreparedness

    5 reasons to put nylon hose in your 72 hour kits

    Women Survival Guide. 50 Essential Strategies to Get Your Family Out Alive if Disaster Strikes: (family survival guide, women survival, Survival Guide, ... guide for beginners, preppers survival) by Pamela Green,

    Emergency prepardness kit (week by week)

    bug out box for a family, long term bug out

    Emergency Preparedness 3 Pack Two Way Walkie Talkie Set New Survival Disaster

    72 hour kits - the BEST article I've ever read on how to put a real serious emergency kit together!! Forget the pre-made ones or most of the lists you see online, THIS is the only list you need. (Keep in mind If an emergency is serious enough to warrant an evacuation, it's most likely going to last a lot longer then 72 hours).

    Prepared: TOP 100 ITEMS TO DISAPPEAR FIRST DURING A NATIONAL EMERGENCY- good reminder of what to have on hand for family during a possible crisis.

    What Is Needed For Your Hurricane and Natural Disaster Emergency Kit and Preparedness Checklist

    Cool idea- keep a cabinet in the garage for storage. l72 Hour survival kit- items that should be in your house.

    Emergency Preparedness

    72 hour kit for emergency preparedness. Good ideas.

    7 Tips for Surviving a Mob of Looters | Survival Prepping Ideas, Survival Gear, Skills & Emergency Preparedness Tips - Survival Life Blog: #survivallife

    Read this later - Create 72 hour emergency kits over an 8 week period. Instructions on what to do each week.

    This site is incredible for Emergency prepardness.

    Safety Goggles- FAMILY STOREHOUSE- These should be included in every emergency preparedness kit. You never know what kind of situation that you are going to be in. We include these in our Deluxe 2 person Emergency Kit for a reason.

    72 hour kits