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  • Cheryl King

    We used these for our belongings while swimming at the public pool! ♥ Pinned them to our bathing suit! I can still smell the pool...

  • Puck Morales

    15 11 12 | vintage safety pins

  • sentimentaljunkie

    vintage pins....

  • Manon

    vintage laundry pins made from mother of pearl. The pins were a means of identifying your items and not mixing them up with anyone else's, as the number matched a number on their records.

  • Libby Krautsak

    Caz pool basket pins

  • Stephanie Evans

    vintage laundry pins... Reminds me of the public pool when I was a kid.

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masika wa

Garden Scissors: Your new best friend in the garden. #food52



vintage tones

Six-Inch Ruler - Make sure it's transparent so that you can see from one marked measure to another.

Embroidery Scissors - Have two pairs of scissors that are used solely for sewing -- the larger for trimming fabric, the smaller for snipping threads.

I never have enough scissors it seems. TLS200353_L.jpg

color clipped

margadirube: birdcagewalk: donotstampthispage:The latest additions to my scissors collection (ahem, addiction)… Does anyone know what on earth the left pair are traditionally used for?

✽ antique sewing scissors

purl soho | products | item | wide bow scissors (merchant & mills)

Ornate Heavy Cast Grape Shears

Paper supply



pjmix: リビングデザイン 22号 (via moderna blog)



Viking scissors

Elegant Antique Italian Steel Sewing Scissors Bartolomeo Terzano


Delphins Engraved French Iron Embroidery Sewing Scissors; 1880