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Bahaha I promise not to tell anyone... bestfriend not included!!!!!!!

Of course my bestie and I tell that too each-other everything BFFS don't keep anything from each other!


Teenager Post You know someone is a true friend when you break down and cry, but they will say the stupidest, most random thing just to see you smile.

♕ yoυ're perғecт jυѕт нow yoυ are ♕ ⇻skylar149⇺

Ugh truth <<<< I'll go through the ENTIRE house looking for food, then my mom will come up to me and be like: You hungry? Me: No, not really just want to eat for the fun of it.

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I'm not a teen but this is relatable since I feel like someone's only friend

Teenager post 141

I was laughing at the last post then I read this and could feel my smile and emotions drop

or anything about "My girl" to me... so sweet

Unless its that creepy annoying guy in your class. he'd just ruin it-----> lolz. I can totally relate.

Yup. After a while, I just listen to the words and analyze the song.

Teenager Post - Do you ever play a song and realize you were too distracted to appreciate the beauty of the song so you replay it.


Teenager Posts Ugh first relationships>>>> Yeah, kindergarten really changed me XD