japanese washi paper cups

Giant paper bowls made by Gertrud Hals.

Doris ceramics... ok not paper but definitely inspired by origami! beautiful!

black cappucino cups - Helmelhuis


Paper Sketch vases

こういうの重ねてもっきりにしてお酒溢れさせたら美味しそう(´¬`) Takashi Endo Sake Cup

Japanese tissue transfer paper



Paul Scott & Anne Linnemann

Akio Heath Ceramics

Vanessa Villarreal - Great hand-built mug

Sharona Merlin's flattened cup and saucer from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

Japanese tea cup by Aya Yamanobe: just love to imagine all the peaceful moments shared with it

Love Milos Tree cups. I absolutely love these porcelain tree cups and mugs by Nicki Ellis from Love Milo. Shes also added the sweet hand carved birds that fit onto the rim of a cup, bowl or mug. All products are made in South Africa and materials locally sourced. www.lovemilo.com/ via designquarters.co.za

Maseo Ueno | Strings 2010

Takashi Endo Mug

by maria kristofersson

Japanese Pottery

Dawn Vachon | Hello, I'm Tiger!