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Just like Simba has an American accent but all the female lions have African-American accents...

I especially love Belle's dress! Although the dates are the movie release dates, not the dates during which the movies took place...

One of Pixar's darkest jokes...I need to watch it again and see if it's really there

The real stories! Is it wrong to think that the last two could have happened and that they would have made for interesting movies.

Mind-blowing Pixar realization... - The Meta Picture

If All The Disney Princesses Were Mermaids Instead…

Disney Princesses on Vogue - wow, quite cool! Apart from Ariel, her face shouldn't look so bitchy :

Stained glass.... SR Geek Picks: An Iron Predator, A Lady Beetlejuice, A Plush Jawa & More!

Disney princesses in traditional ceremonial outfits accurate to location and time period of their stories

Disney are still pretty good at creating posters