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Designing with Succulents A rock garden can give a diminutive succulent a place to shine. Here, hens-and-chicks tucks into a rocky crevice and stands out from the rocky site with its contrasting green and red hues. Although succulents may look fragile, they can thrive in intense sun and do well in dry conditions with little maintenance.

This rock garden planted along the side of a driveway helps create an inviting entrance to the home. Heat-loving perennials suit the hot, dry climate and showcase intriguing foliage texture and color, while large boulders add rugged character. To create an informal look, drifts of sedum, salvia, yarrow, thyme, and oregano blend into one another and casually spill over onto the driveway.

DIY: Low Maintenance Rock Garden - no link. This is perfect for a roadside spot - succulents aren't fussy and rocks won't wash away!

Blithewold Mansion & Gardens - Bristol, RI ~ Rock Garden

The spot chosen should get as much sun as possible. If the soil is at all heavy it will be necessary to improve the drainage. This is done by digging out an area one foot deep and mixing in a layer of stones, broken bricks or gravel into the subsoil. The top soil is then improved by adding moss peat and grit before returning it to the bed.

Love the colorful phlox! Need landscaping ideas? See 20 of's favorite home gardens-->

"Designing Earth Friendly Rock Garden at Home." -CAB

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This is a slope that one might not notice, due to the skillful way that this was designed. Instead of terracing on either side of a straight set of steps, the slope was anchored with curving steps surrounded by boulders, conifers, and palms, along with deciduous shrubs and trees. Top that with a rainbow of floral delights and the slope fades from notice. The added extra is a very solid slope that will last for many years. ~EBM

Colorado garden by Martin Hakubai Mosko using low-growing waterwise plants. Gorgeous!

OK, so now I've moved from the thought of a Zen Garden, which won't work, to a rock garden, which should work. I like this!