"oh youre single?" "i can help you with that!" (;

I'd be down to roadtrip. Travel board or boy board??? So many decisions

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And his whole self was made to only be in a tiny blue bathing suit at all times. | For Everyone Who Realizes Just How Insanely Perfect Ansel Elgort Is

Chris Pine

Lucas Bernardini....what's with boy and these smiles....damn I can't concentrate :P

Cody Simpson *dead*

Ryan Lochte. Looks like I'll be watching the Olympics this year!

gerard butler

Leonardo DiCaprio. No matter how old, this man was, is and will be very handsome.

ryan lochte

Chris Evans

Holy asdfghjkl this is literally the most perfect picture just he's hot and baseball is hot and ugh ♡♡♡

nice. :)

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The hotness of all hotness. On tha real.


Beach boys 💋super sexy give me a reason not to make out with him

Hey there Zac

Matt Lanter as Liam Court on 90210. Stay shirtless!