I would legit steal this puppy...no shame.

Siberian Huskies are often mixed with other breeds.This cute puppy has unique and beautiful eyes that are similar with huskies and fluffy dense coat that gives it a German shepherd look.This is a German Shepherd husky mix

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Say cheese!

19 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Own A German Shepherd.I have a German Shepherd and I absolutely loved this article. My GS and my husky are the sweetest dogs ever.

Gerberian Shepsky (german shepherd/ siberian husky mix)- my new baby

Siberian Husky x German Shepherd = Gerberian Shepsky Those insanely blue eyes paired with that stunning coat: Deadly cute!

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God made them so cute so we can't refuse them. They grow up to be an insanely beautiful dog. Only German shepherds for my family


If more than a few of these points apply to you. then there’s straight up no denying that you're indeed a crazy german shepherd person!