feather drawing

Beautiful color use! I have always wanted to draw this concept of birds coming from a feather but I haven't yet :)

Give me strength when Im standing and faith when I fall

Give me strength when I’m standing and Faith when I fall. seriously in love with this. Font size and idea.

Inspiring picture cursive, inked, shoulder, summer, tattoo. Resolution: 500x500. Find the picture to your taste!

Believe in Yourself Tattoo Quotes on Shoulder – The Unique DIY tattoo quotes which makes your home more personality. Collect all DIY tattoo quotes ideas on believe quote tattoo, shoulder tattoos for girl to Personalize yourselves.

Matching tattoos

Couples Tattoo with wedding anniversary. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. Mark I'm not much of a couples tattoo person.

Tattoo I got for my brother Michael who has autism <3

I would get this for my sister Mallory who has autism. my first tattoo is definitely going to be autism related.