HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! My 2014 didn’t started as I imagined, laying home with stomach bug isn’t much fun… the rest of the year could only be better ‘ Last year when I started blogging, one of my goal was to get my super unorganized life organized. Did it happened? Of course not! I have...Read More »

Closet organizing ideas so that you can find the one.

PlaceOfMyTaste: CLOSET ORGANIZING IDEAS What if I used a floating Ikea shelf for jewelry and then hung a mirror on the wall and necklaces around that on the flat entry way into my closet?

Organização de acessórios: bolsas, cintos, óculos, colares e muito mais!

Organização de acessórios: bolsas, cintos, óculos, colares e muito mais

make jewelry part of the design

Interesting Bracelet Organizer Ideas : Creative Jewelry Storage And Display In Antique Trays Bowls And Candlesticks

awesome 40 Ways to Organize a Small Closet

40 Ways to Organize a Small Closet

Jewelry organization ideas for little girl

Hooked on Storage Run out of storage space in your jewelry box? Use hooks mounted on the side of a dresser or wall. Hang the hooks sideways (so the hook is parallel to the floor) so you can hang more jewelry from your new storage solution.

Build a 1 inch thick hollow frame around your full length mirror, attaching it with hinges at one side. Hide your jewelry inside for organization! DIY hidden jewelry storage in mirror

Jewelry storage behind full length mirror. Rings are stored on wood dowel pieces, earrings hang from a grate of some kind, and S-hooks are used to hang necklaces from lengths of thin metal rod.

Jewelry Frames by whiteangel

shadow box jewelry storage: use plain boxes w front hinges, hang jewelry w silk or T pins. Hang in a grouping

Armario con cajones

Tips para Organizar el Armario

Closet Organization Tips

Tips for an Organized Closet

Rhinestones necklaces and bracelets on display


linen / burlap jewelry displays at great prices! Beautiful to display your best jewels.