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Basically, you drop the potty on a lawn, and the homeowner has to pay to have it removed. $10 for removal, $20 to move it to a friend's house, and $30 for the above + the promise that it won't come back to them. Include a nice letter explaining what the fundraising effort is for. :)

How to organize a 5k Charity Run

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Need to raise money? How about a 5K fundraiser! How to plan a 5K fundraiser

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The Flamingo Fundraiser is such a fun fundraising idea and is perfect for Relay for Life Fundraising. Learn how... - (Photo by Ryan Hyde / Flickr) "Chair-ity" Auction Fundraiser - Another fun way to raise money is by auctioning off some decorated chairs. You can also bundle the chairs with other items to make an attractive bundle similar to a gift basket. More auction fundraiser ideas:

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My fundraiser at Relay for Life this past weekend. Hand Stamped double and single washer on one size fits all satin cording. Sold out and all proceeds went to the American Cancer Society. What an amazing event and Team Got Hope? rocked. Check out my site

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25 Tips for Organizing a 5K

Cancer Sucks-like this idea for an easy fundraiser @Sandra L @Ana Salvatore we could do this and set it up at our jobs.