hobbit style home, complete with sod roof ~ low impact woodland home, excellent south-facing passive solar greenhouse and earth sheltering thermal mass. perfectly charming!!!

Shelter. How to build a HOBBIT house

Underground house in Swiss village of Vals

This is a SWEEETTTT organic house!

Wouldn't it be great to have a hobbit hole door coming out of your house! I would love to build a house on a hill and have a secret "hobbit hole" coming out of my basement! The Hobbit/Lord of The Rings (Peter Jackson)

Beautiful rustic earthen-roof home, highlighted by candles inside

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These homes are an alternative to traditionally built homes for some house seekers, especially those who are looking to minimize their home's negative impact on the environment. Besides the novelty of living underground, some of the advantages of these houses include resistance to severe weather, an exceptionally quiet living space, an unobtrusive presence in the surrounding landscape, and a nearly constant interior temperature due to the natural insulating properties of the surrounding eart...

Someday. In the hobbit house.

Build A Low Impact Woodland Home For Less That $5000 - http://survivingthesheep.com/build-a-low-impact-woodland-home-for-less-that-5000/

hobbit too


LOVE this one! hobbit house

Ooooooh, this completely embodies what I want my house to look like. My dream little hobbit home with modern interior. Looooooove it!!!!!!!

The solar and wind powered Ecocapsule with kitchenette, toilet, shower and warm bed.

hobbit houses

Convert at least one bedroom. A perfect eco friendly Hobbit house. Grass roof and semi buried for insulation. I'm serious about this!

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Build your own hobbit hole home!! I would never leave.

Now that's a guest cottage...

Cob House