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Dear Barack Obama, I just wanted to let you know that I won’t be listening to your speech tonight. I won’t be reading about it tomorrow, either. I don’t have time. I’m too busy working to nullify virtually everything that you and your friends are doing. Maybe another time, OK? Best Regards Michael Boldin, Tenth Amendment Center

He refused the congressional pension. The only candidate who isn't in it for the money.

“If two parties with two sets of bad ideas cooperate, the result is not good policy, but policy that is extremely bad. What we really need are correct economic and politcal ideas, regardless of the party that pushes them.” Ron Paul

Ron Paul Legalize Everything Tee | Urban Outfitters Sells Profane Swag To Hipster Romney Supporters

NO SHIT. the military industrial complex at work. Will we ever have a viable third party? I seriously doubt it. One of the major flaws in capitalism.

Ron Paul, he should have been our new President. America blew it.

Ron Paul 2012! I never thought I'd be rooting for anyone as president again who wasn't George Carlin.

Problem being the American public refuses to wake up.

Connect the blots....Dr. Ron Paul