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  • Yuriy Shchypanov

    London, 1923. King George V; his mother and sister to Marie Feodorovna, Queen Alexandra; Marie Feodorovna and Queen Mary of Teck, wife to George V and future grandmother to HMTQ Elizabeth II.

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Princess Mary with the King George and Queen Mary - Princess Mary looks like Princess Anne!

Queen Mary. The family called her Mae. She was engaged to the eldest son of Edward VII, the Duke of Clarence. He died of influenza. George the second son fell in love with her and they married.

King George & Queen Mary. George was Nicholas' II's cousin.

King George V. and Queen Mary of Britain with their children | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Mom told me that as a child, she remembered King George and Queen Mary. That is why I always have a fondness for the couple that links back to my mother's memory.

King George, Queen Mary and their children.

Princess Mary with her first son, George, her father, King George V, and grandmother, Queen Alexandra, the Queen Mother

Queen Mary wearing wide hat and King George V

The children of King George V and Queen Mary. Unenlightened about mental illness, Prince John was considered a source of shame. John was mentally restarted and an epileptic. He was secretly removed from the family at an early age and lived on a farm on the Sandringham estate, where he died in 1919 at the age of thirteen.

King George And Queen Mary | King George V. und Queen Mary of Britain with Edward Prince of Wales ...