London, 1923. King George V; his mother and sister to Marie Feodorovna, Queen Alexandra; Marie Feodorovna and Queen Mary of Teck, wife to George V and future grandmother to HMTQ Elizabeth II.

Proclamation of King George V of England as King of India, 1911

Queen Alexandra, Queen Elizabeth’s great grandmother, loved jewelry and she was only ever seen covered in pearls and diamonds.

Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom, Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia (holding Grand Duchess Maria), Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna of Russia. Grand Duchess Tatiana is also pictured going through the doors.

Prince George (later King George V) of England and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, 1890. They were cousins but look like twins!

The tiara Kate wore to her wedding has been worn by the Queen Mother and Princess Anne.

the queen mother and her brother (1904)**

Queen Mary on the day of the funeral of Queen Alexandra, 1925.

Queen Alexandra in her youth years. Maria Feodorovna (Nicholas’ mother) was sister to Queen Alexandra of Great Britain, which explained the striking resemblance between Tsar Nicholas II and King George V.

King George V and Queen Mary with their granddaughter Princess Elizabeth of York (later Queen Elizabeth II).

Queen Victoria smiling!

Queen Victoria

King George V looking right at you!...Grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II

King George V & Queen Mary with their six children

The Death of King George VI, February 1952 (Yorkshire Evening Post) that made Princess Elizabeth a Queen.

Ella and her youngest surviving sister, Princess Alix (later Alexandra, last Czarina of Russia). Both women would marry Romanovs and pay for it with their lives.

King George V and Queen Mary with The Duke and Duchess of York after the christening of their daughter, Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary

Princess Alexandra of Denmark, sister to Dagmar of Denmark, on her wedding day, in August 20th, 1862. Later Alexandra became The Queen of England, and Dagmar became Maria, Empress of Russia, and mother to Nikolay II Romanov.

Princess Mary, Duchess of York with the future King George. I love this picture!

King George V and Queen Mary

Queen Victoria, Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary and Edward VIII