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      TOP TEN FOODS THAT BURN BELLY FAT: 1. Oatmeal It’s rich in fiber and the whole grain oats help keep your appetite at bay. 2.Nuts Nuts such as almonds and peanuts are very rich in essential fatty acids that play a major role in weight loss. 3.Olive Oil Given it’s fatty nature, olive oil is good to satisfy your body’s natural urge for fat. 4. EggsThey actually have the highest protein proportion than any other food, pretty good eh? This is one of the better foods that burn belly fat. 5.Whey Protein Rich in amino acids, whey protein helps build a lean body and helps get rid of body fat. Great for busy people. 6. Berries Naturally full of fiber, which aids in metabolizing fat, berries are great for those that like a tasty snack. 7. Lean Meats Meats such as fish and chicken are full of protein, and very low in carbs. 8. Whole Grains Full of complex carbs, aka good carbs, whole grains are better than the processed stuff. Eat whole grain cereal and whole bread instead of the “white” processed junk 9. Peanut Butter Make sure it’s all-natural peanut butter, rich in protein and essential fatty acids.  Eat 1-2 tablespoons daily for better digestion. Choose organic peanut butter, the other stuff has hydrogenated oils in it, which makes your belly fat. 10.Green Veggies Didn’t your mother always say to eat your veggies? Mother was right, veggies are packed full of fiber, our favorite ingredient for losing weight.

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      Top Ten Foods to Burn Belly Fat #abs #bellyfat #sixpackabs

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      #Burn Belly Fat #PositiveFoodie #super food #healthy #weight loss #positive foodie

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