• Stoned Rose

    Colorful feather tattoo behind the ear. Its really pretty, and bright. Very artistic tattoo idea! I love it!

  • Yalin Budak

    feather #tattoos #tattoo #ink #Tätowierung #tatuaje #tatouage

  • Megan Ertel

    colorful feather tattoo... I want a tattoo in this spot but a paint brush

  • Lilytigre

    body art- ink

  • Celeste Douglas

    . i would not get it upside down or that big #feather tattooo #color tattoo #color Feather tattoo #behind the ear tattoo #ear tattooo

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AUTUMN LEAVES Watercolor Print by Dean Crouser by DeanCrouserArt, $45.00

leaf tree .... maple leaf stencil with pinks and purples in watercolor inside .... breaking up and falling as leaves .. skeleton tree printed on top ... lovely piece of art ...

sketched maple leaf

nature tattoos, forest tattoos and ink tattoos. #tattoo #tattoos #ink

I just like the moon. The entire piece is definitely not my thing, but the moon is gorgeous

This Is Probably The Coolest Matching Tattoo Ever! - NoWayGirl

this is probably the most awesome tattoo i've seen in a while. beautiful www.pinterestbest...

i do not know why but I am IN LOVE with this tattoo! I would add the watercolor effect to the catcher part though.....

I'd like it without the outside circle border and turned into a compass for a tattoo

There are Dr. Who tattoos, then there are full-sleeve full-color holy-amazeballs-look-at-that-intricate-detail Dr. Who tattoos!


beautiful lace back piece


Love This -- I have one like it...Sparrows symbolize love, dedication and trust. Sparrows mate for life and will always return home no matter how far they travel.

Great line art- girl with a kite tattoo

elephant tattoo. Would never do this, but it's goooorgeus!!


Ooh lovely tat

House of leaves

"As an early birthday present to myself this last summer, I finally got the Harry Potter tattoo I’d been wanting for a while. Underneath the footprints it says “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” in clear UV-reactive ink, meaning it only shows up under a black light. I only get to see the whole tattoo every once in a while, but it never gets old showing it off that way." This is probably the coolest tattoo I have ever seen!---- BADASS.

very good infographic on tats.

"When the seasons shift they call my name to carry me home"