Plant a pizza garden! Use plants such as Greek Oregano, Italian Flat Leaf Parsely, Roma Tomato, Basil, & onions that you can put on a pizza. This would be a great way to get kids interested in gardening.~I did this at a local community garden but much larger, it turns out very cool, worth doing if you have the space!

How to Plant a Pizza Garden. Cute idea to get kids interested in gardening! :-)

Rain-gutter garden!!!

"THIS IS THE BEST TOMATO INSTRUCTION PAGE I'VE FOUND. I had no idea this was the way to plant starter plants... I'm doing this next time I plant tomato plants!

Gardening with Kids can be more FUN when you plant seeds in shape of their first initials !

A website that plans your garden FOR YOU! You tell it where you live, it tells you what to plant and when, designs your garden for you, and gives you daily reminders of what to do.

Never Pay For Onions Again: Grow Them Indoors! This page has all sorts of interesting ideas for growing plants indoors.

Gardening With Kids: Keeping a Journal

This well-designed garden plan makes it easy to put chickens to work in the garden. You can give your birds direct access to deposit manure fertilizer into your beds and enlist your birds for organic pest control as needed. Read more:

kids garden

vertical gardening :)

kid garden

How to grow asparagus plants

Why a tomato cracks and what to do about it and a lot of other information about caring for tomato plants

keep plants watered

Start a seedling in a lemon peel, then plant the whole thing!

10 great plants to plant during the fall.

A colander for your Tubtrug. What a great idea! Rinse vegetables right in the garden. (Tubtrug sold separately.)

Plant Propagation Techniques There are several different plant propagation techniques and this article will cover how to propagate plants using leaf cuttings. Leaf Cuttings If several new shrubs are required from a limited a