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Funny free online cards for kind of mean, self absorbed, drunks. -Perfect for me then-

Ahhhhh, my line Saturday nights at work.. People are SO rude, lol

luv out my closet bitches!

And your mouth and your a*s, oops! I wasn't supposed to know that one. :)

Except I've never been a "people" person because I already knew how much people suck lol

This is my truth!! Quit complaining and do something! I hate it when people just whine and don't make efforts to change things.

People like you should be mandated to carry around potted plants, solely to replace the oxygen you waste.

Stupidity... seriously! I can't handle it! Why is everyone's acceptance level of stupidity going up?

Previous pinner said: "You're sexually repressed and that makes ME sad." Just great!