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I think I've found Addie a new pet!! :) The Cango Wildlife Ranch in South Africa welcoms a new little fresh-faced baby. Hilda and Herbert, the Pygmy Hippopotamus pair, successfully mated and gifted the ranch with a beautiful healthy baby boy named Harry

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23 Adorable Babies That Will Melt Even The Stoniest Heart

Baby Platypuses. There's no official name for baby platypuses, but they're often referred to as puggles or platypups. Platypuses or platypi are one of the five extant species of monotreme, meaning that they are mammals that lay eggs. It's also one of the very few venomous mammals - the male has a "spur" that's capable of delivering enough venom to kill a small dog!

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15 Cutest Pictures of Baby Pygmy Hippos

ERMAGERD BAYBEE HIPPOOOO....I know it's not an elephant but close enough right??