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I am right handed so when I do my nails with my left hand it looks like a nail polish bomb exploded!

Truly what I feel and look like doing zumba! #exercise

Too funny. I'm not such a great dancer, so Zumba is more of a fun type of dance/exercise for me.


leg back under the covers after the thought of somthing grabbing your foot from under the bed. repeat the process until sleep takes over :). So true!

I do that all the time.. <<< I'M NOT ALONE YAYYY!

My blue blanket and all! Though I do more of a thorough burrito if I can have the whole blanket haha!

Aunty Acid funnies aint' that the truth!!

Aunty Acid (37)…

Aunty Acid: "My day starts backwards. I wake up tired and go to bed wide awake.

LOL...story of my life hahahahahahahahahahaha!

It happens to the best of us...

Happens to the best of us. but seriously happens to me a lot and with an ipad.it gave me a fat lip once

Sit there awkwardly, staring at the poor person who is directly across from you :)

Usually have a very uncomfortable smile on my face while staring at the cake so I don't make eye contact with the "happy birthday" singers! But even more awkward. SINGING happy birthday to someone. "um excuse, what key are we singing in?

so true. Older, with kids, and there is STILL something hidding under the bed. Sad :)

Every morning at home. I thought it would make me get out of bed. Over time it turned into a mission. How to stay in bed and covered up while getting something.

OMG YES!!!!In my moms old town, and when there is special events they come up to me every time. Haha

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