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detail, red silk velvet gown with silver thread embroidery.

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Great info on thread for embroidery machines

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New Mendhika Embroidery Collection from Urban Threads

Tutorials | Urban Threads: Upcycling with the Blackthorn Embroidery Collection.

The Evenfall Lace Series from Urban Threads - Making machine embroidery magic.

Late fifteenth-century English Opus Anglicanum (chasuble); embroidered with Fleurs-de-Lys, thistles and cherubim atop cruciform globes. (The Metropolitan Museum of Art). "Opus anglicanum" ("Englishwork") embroidery of the 12th-15th centuries. Usually split-stitch and couching, high concentration of gold and silver metallic threads, usually for ecclesiastical pieces, but also secular (book covers, garment embellishment)

Digitizing a Pencil Sketch for Embroidery

Tutorials | Urban Threads: Using alignment stitches to create big bold embroidery and stunning projects

A new project from the Urban Threads lab, featuring a gorgeous quilt with new Entomology inspired embroidery designs. Includes a FREE pdf pattern to make your own.

Tutorials | Urban Threads: Heraldic embroidered tone-on-tone wedding pillow

This easy embroidered photo is a perfect Christmas gift for Grandma or Grandpa! Click through for excellent directions.

Cute name embroidery idea.

Floriani Machine Embroidery Software, Stabilizer and Thread

Floriani Embroidery Software How To Floriani embroidery software how to guide.

gold embroidery

Floriani Machine Embroidery Software, Stabilizer and Thread