Donald Duck - Self Control 1938

A fun way to teach and practice self-control.

Classroom Management: With Sign Language!! This is a video showing a teacher who uses simple sign language in his classroom to answer individual students' questions without interrupting the whole class or distracting from another student's time.

▶ The Feelings Song -

Controlling Emotions: A Lesson from Angry Birds - YouTube

Emotions video playlist

I Can Calm video showing six quick breathing activities to help calm children

Control your anger - Emotional Well Being Series Kids Animation

Inside Out Lesson Plans & Classroom Feelings Chart! Activities and Ideas for Students! Whether you are a teacher or a parent looking for an idea for home-school!

Yellow Zone (Zones of Regulation) (playlist)

Pixar Short Film: For the Birds (This one is great for the beginning of the year, especially to infer important ideas about friendships, tolerance, bullying, and more. Great "moral to the story.")

Zones of Regulation/Emotional Regulation Activities

self regulation games for children

Cute youtube video about the power of working together. #TEAMWORK

List of different ways to use BWs in class: lots of rhythmic ways, not just "play a song."

A history of western music illustrated on a whiteboard while example clips play

Sesame Street fire safety: "Get Out, Stay Out, Don't You Go Back In!"

Flocabulary - Context Clues Video and activities Teach kids 4 types of context clues that help readers work out unfamiliar words and vocabulary

Strategies to Calm – This board includes many activities that can be used as tools in different zones of regulation. These can be put on the colored strips with velcro as a reminder for students.

Nursery Rhyme Dance is from the award-winning CD, #1 Best Kid's Songs! In this fun dance Humpty Dumpty comes back to life with the help of Little Bo Beep. Then other popular nursery rhyme characters join in on this lively, fun dance!

Enjoy this cleverly animated song, designed to teach children the musical concepts "high" and "low." (From Music K-8, Vol. 23, No. 4. Song by Teresa Jennings. Animation by Bill Belongia.)