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    Donald Duck - Self Control 1938

    A fun way to teach and practice self-control.

    6 self regulation games for children www.YourTherapySo...

    Brain Break...This is SO fun!!!!

    "Happy" Music Video! Brain break! This will help that last week of school!

    Zones of Regulation/Emotional Regulation Activities

    ▶ The Feelings Song. This seems like a little kid song but a great question for older students-- it this song REALLY just for tikes? Seems to be there would be much less bullying if all kids really clued in to the fact that everything we do and say is pretty much based on how we feel in that given moment.

    Emotions video playlist

    Donald Duck Force and Motion: Look for examples of pushes and pulls. (7:10)

    "Take Five" Can't wait to do with my class!!

    Itsy Bitsy Spider Rap.... the K-2's looooove this video!! I use it in Music class a lot, but can be great for a wiggle break for other times of the day too! :)

    Inside Out Lesson Plans & Classroom Feelings Chart! Activities and Ideas for Students! Whether you are a teacher or a parent looking for an idea for home-school!

    Is your homeschooler unorganized? Here are several great tips for helping them to be more organized and more independent in their learning.

    Zones of regulation clips with Snoopy.

    11/13/13 EI eNews: Cookie Monster teachs Self-Regulation (Emotional Intelligence): Sesame Street: Me Want It (But Me Wait)

    Controlling Emotions: A Lesson from Angry Birds - YouTube

    Star Wars Musical Form + Parachute // Students explore the musical form (Extended Ternary) of the theme to "Star Wars" and create contrasting movements with a parachute. Video example of 3rd gr. music class.

    Why we have rules. Short video to intro rules lesson

    ( free download) Taking charge of my feelings and behaviors | self-regulation_of_emotions.pdf

    Happy Birthday musical mice... Too cute!