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Classroom Management: With Sign Language!! This is a video showing a teacher who uses simple sign language in his classroom to answer individual students' questions without interrupting the whole class or distracting from another student's time.

▶ Pigeons - Cute animation cartoon - YouTube -- Use with mini lesson on character traits, problem/solution, or as a writing activity prompt.

Blink Brain Break - This would be a fun activity to use when middle or high school kids need to recharge in the middle of class.

This is a great song and video to share with kids when teaching them about emotions. You can discuss what makes them feel sad and healthy coping strategies. You can also use it to talk about empathy and how you can help make someone feel better when they're down. I

One simple (and deliciously fun!) way to help children recognize and practice self control is The Marshmallow Test.

▶ The Feelings Song. This seems like a little kid song but a great question for older students-- it this song REALLY just for tikes? Seems to be there would be much less bullying if all kids really clued in to the fact that everything we do and say is pretty much based on how we feel in that given moment.

Explore the Verb Jungle with the class, where verbs abound! In this episode, kids learn: What verbs are To use different types of verbs

Strategies to Calm – This board includes many activities that can be used as tools in different zones of regulation. These can be put on the colored strips with velcro as a reminder for students.

Star Wars Musical Form + Parachute // Students explore the musical form (Extended Ternary) of the theme to "Star Wars" and create contrasting movements with a parachute. Video example of 3rd gr. music class.