I am keeping dandelion vigil, waiting for the first ones to show themselves.

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You, yes you right there. You are exceeding the limits of my medication and are one comment away from a throat punch.

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check out this funny picture Unless You’re Donating Bloods! - http://www.gagrama.com/unless-youre-donating-bloods/

These made me laugh

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Hahaha - this is so me! And my 4 year old just said, "That definitely looks like you." Thanks, kid.

it happens

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 75 Pics

Delhi needs this. And how.

ha! so funny....

I am not bitter. I am spicy with a slight hint of men suck! haha love this

Really is the Cutest thing ever..

I have the boobs, I make the rules.

Yeah, about that..


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Haha so funny