I can haz him?

Afternoon eye candy: Ryan Gosling (31 photos)

It's Ryan Gosling...who cares if he has a man tank on!

I have a thing for guys with glasses. I have a thing for Ryan Gosling *sigh*

@Alejandra Ayala  hey girl, is it a little wet out here, or is it just you?  jajajaja!

My list of the 50 hottest men of mainstream winter movie releases, including Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, Hugh Jackman, Dave Franco and more.

"I Want all of you,forever,you and me, every day" Ryan howling fellow scorpio nov 12

Dear Ryan Gosling, Do you think this is a game? With those beautiful blue eyes, luscious dirty blond hair, pink lips. It's not a damn game okay? Sincerely, You Win

Ryan Gosling

Because we all know men look better in waistcoats and three piece suits! Please feel free to submit any photos of your favourite men in waistcoats/three piece suits Thanx!

Seriously? This picture exists? SERIOUSLY? How long will this beautiful torture last?

This picture exists? How long will this beautiful torture last?