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14 Moves For the Perfect Bubble Butt

Get a nice and toned booty with these moves

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Ab Workouts: Our Top 10 Abs Exercises

Top 10 Ab Exercises

I've never seen a site like this... You click on the part you want to work on and it tells you easy exercises you can do at home!

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Positive Mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Life

Yoga Coffee Mug


The Secret to Beating Your Saddlebags For Good

Plank Booty Leg Lifts

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The Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

The Great Butt Workout

Fitness Magazinefrom Fitness Magazine

Fit into Your Skinny Jeans in 4 Weeks

The Butt, Thigh, and Belly Workout: Fit into Your Skinny Jeans in 4 Weeks: 2. Standing Flye


11 Exercises to Transform Your Flat Butt

Butt workouts

Awsome legs in just 5 minutes every day' I did this before I pinned it and just stay tight pointed and I started at doing each rep 20 times. I was so burning!

POPSUGAR Fitnessfrom POPSUGAR Fitness

Reverse Plank Bridge

This move is the ultimate booty burner, and it gets the triceps nicely too. Begin seated with your hands behind you with your fingers pointed away from you. Press the heels of your feet and hands into the ground as you raise your pelvis off the floor until it is in line with your shoulders and knees. Lower your pelvis back to the ground to complete one rep. Do 15 reps. Source: POPSUGAR Studios

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Side-to-Side Leg Swing

Get Lean Legs: Score slim thighs and a tight tush with this awesome leg workout