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Belle, Jasmine and Ariel were my favorites! I didn't care for Cinderella, I was too scared to watch Snow White because of the evil witch and I found Sleeping Beauty not that exciting

Sneak Peek: Alison and Jeff Allen. "We love listening to music! Our record collection is our most prized possession, and listening to records is part of our day-to-day ritual. We totally feel lucky that our house has a space to showcase our collection." #sneakpeek

When you get a big bonus, you can get a new entertainment center with room for your LPs. :)

B L O O D A N D C H A M P A G N E . C O M: giant library -- so how do you even retrieve a book from the crossover section??? Stilts, jet pack, pogo stick???

Not sure how many people still have records to store, but if you do, this is great!

Sure, everyone likes music. However, if there were one aspect to define me most accurately, it would be music. Although it sounds like a total cliche, music is my life. It's what gave me a purpose. Being awful at sports as a kid, picking up a guitar was a revelation. Having already listened to so much music, its great to know that there is so much more out there... my new favorite band is always waiting for me.

Fab use of space under these stairs that lead up to loft. Not an inch is wasted. Does anyone know where this is? | Tiny Homes

Storage is used to define spaces in the open-plan basement, and the living room is separated from a dedicated DJ area with a wall of shelving for Trevor's vinyl. Natural flooring and a textural rug soften the stark, white edges.

record storage. Might have to do this.. only the top 2 maybe 3 rows though so Mr. Jones can't get to them.

Ikea Expedit Bookcases - perfect for record storage!