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One Man’s Genius Idea To Grow Tomatoes

James Bryan had a bright idea that resulted in something brilliant... #Tomatoes #gardening #organic

light diy green house or put birdnet on it to keep birds out of my blue berries but still easy to pick.


DIY Flower Tower

(Livedan330.c/2014/06/26/diy-flower-tower)FlowerTower(pinterest.c/melaneyweaver/garden)+ MiniSelf-WateringWickingGarden (youtube.c/watch?v=9xLRUADNpuc)+ LarryHall(pinterest.c/LarryHall50)SelfWateringGrowBag (youtube.c/watch?v=bUHWUs9372Y)+ WickingBedBuild(youtube.c/watch?v=qjHP0_qn4AQ)+ WickingGarden(youtube.c/watch?v=EklgDEGbiXU&spfreload=10)+ S*(pinterest.c/jboxall/vegetable-container-gardening)

Outdoor Sink Makes Water Recycling Simple - This sink is ridiculously easy to make from "found" or repurposed parts (try Habitat for Humanity ReStores). The sink is hooked up to an outdoor hose (no plumbing) and water from it goes into a simple 5 gallon bucket to collect grey water that can be used on landscape. Now instead of going inside to wash garden produce, it can be done at the outdoor sink.

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my life in lists // what will my garden grow?

strawberries in cinder blocks & check out her incredible garden plan too. Inspired to start my fall garden now

How to Build a Tumbling Composter in 11 Steps - my brother did this years ago for my parents, now I just need a house!

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All About Composting: Learn how to compost from Gardener's Supply

Trash can compost bin

How to Make your own compost bin for under five dollars!! Super Easy! #DIY #Frugal #moneysavingtips

How To Make an Easy DIY Compost Bin - best idea I've ever heard for repurposing a cracked bin.

Worm compost bin in 10 easy steps! With video tutorial from my 4-yr-old son - Queen Bee Coupons & Savings

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Making A Compost Bin Isn't Complicaed At All, Check Out Our Easy Composting Guide

easy composting - replace the nutrients in your edible garden beds

Composting turns kitchen and yard scraps into a marvelous soil amendment, and you don't have to do much to accomplish this stunning transformation. Follow the links to learn all about the benefits of composting, composting systems, building a compost bin, managing your compost, compost tea, and worm composting.

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3 easy DIY greenhouses for under $300

3 easy DIY greenhouses for under 300 bucks


How to Make Your Own Compost

How to Make Your Own Compost Like a DIY Pro