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no he doesn't. I would love to see you fly through the ske on christmas night and land on my roof to give me so much gifts i can't hold. say hi to Santa for me!!!

Giraffe and Ostrich friends - Interspecies bond. And animals have no feelings..PSH YES they do!

This is So Adorable! That sweet little kitty has a protector for life.

I dunno, what do you wanna do today? Looks like Chaos my children's Irish Soft Wheaten, wonderful dog.

Best friends on Maestro de Campo Island in the Philippines • photo: Steve Borsuk on 500px

"Irresistible me!" #cats #pets #children

Gracie is such a kind, patient, girl.

The boy and the cat... Well I'd rather say "A meeting of two minds."

The love of a dog can teach us is constant, unchanging and always unconditional.

Best friends. here to find out more