Giant Red Solo Cup 1. A trash can 2. Red and white paint 3. Create! Perfect for recycling bottles/cans or even as drink bin for a party.

Giant Beer Pong. painted trash cans... This would be SO fun for summer!

drinking fountain ....LOL

solo cup measurement marks. i had no idea!

Just put ice around the edges of this cup (mini ice chest) Hide your beer when drinking in public places (beach, etc...) Genius! :)

Stars made from soda cans.

Birthday balloon wreath

Mason Jar Spill Proof Cup

Life-sized Trouble Game

Mug with a hoop

Cheap wine glass + tea light candle + paper cup with bottom cut out.

The homemade "Oxiclean" is awesome!! I tried it on a 5 year old white baby onesie that was discolored around the neck and it worked just like or even faster than the real Oxiclean! I have a bright white onesie again!

how to build a tilt out trash can for the kitchen

beer pong battleship, oh myyyy.

How to Make Lamp With Aluminum Cans

If you use grocery bags as trash bags in small garbage bins, here's how to keep the handles from flying around:

No bugs in my drink!! Ewww!!

Clever for outdoor BBQ entertaining!