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"God didn't make little green apples, it don't rain in Indianapolis, in the summertime"......................I know that's a song,because I remember it growing up

Dewy fresh apples Apples are filled with soluble fiber (5 grams). This fiber has been shown to reduce intestinal disorders, including diverticulitis, hemorrhoids and possibly some types of cancer. It helps control insulin levels by releasing sugar slowly into the bloodstream. It cleanses and detoxifies, which helps eliminate heavy metals, such as lead and mercury.

apples... They must be one of the prettiest fruit!

6 Benefits Of Eating Apples (plus some apple recipes). Just make sure they're organic! :-)

Uncle Bob's Apple Cake recipe: delicious and perfect for any brunch or breakfast!

Pink Candy Apple ! wow! If I ever throw a fancy party, i will make these

At least one a day. And always organic. :-)

La manzana es un alimento con alto contenido en fibra, muy bueno para la salud.

Apple Walnut Cakes with Mascarpone Cream - I MUST make this for my mother...

Apple sandwich. Very cute idea for celebrating Valentine's Day with the kids. Change cookie cutters to customize for any holiday: shamrock for St. Patrick's Day, star for Fourth of July, pumpkin for Halloween or Thanksgiving, tons of possibilities for Christmas!

raw apples. fruit has natural sugars and fiber, cake does not. A good option, buy seasonal and during sales