I wouldn't even be offended if someone wrote that to me. That's hilarious!

Hamilton, Ontario. Badass Canadian Graffiti.


A girl and her fish.


T-Rex Bakes by Guro #Humor #T_Rex

I stopped believing for a little while this morning. Journey is gonna be so pissed. | Somewhat Topical Ecard | someecards.com

I want to do this all the time:)

I laughed. I cried. Love it! Unintentionally Inappropriate Test Responses From Children | Happy Place

April fools?

Columbus Day- I've always believed it should be called Native American's Day! Celebrating Columbus Day feels like cruel & unusual punishment to me & I'm not even Indian!!

Hello? I am laughing so hard right now...

why is this so funny to me?

You HAVE to read the reviews for this pen. Unreal. Just unreal. No one has time for this kind of entertainment, but it's worth it.

why did i laugh so hard at this?!

Oh, Golden Girls....

I laughed way too hard at this...