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    We need alot of prayer for our country America!

    We need alot of prayer for our country America!



    Scarborough RIPS Mika, Goes Off On Clinton Scandal Coverage Compared To Other Political Crimes

    New York Assembly Passes Bill Allowing Shooting Babies Through the Heart With Poison to Kill Them. LIFENEWS.COM

    VIDEO: ESPN Host Wants “Every Black Person in America” to Do THIS for The Next Election

    There will be no hoopla over Obama in the future...much of the discussion will be around how America had to rebuild itself, in the wake of Hurricane Barack...

    Sad, but true

    Moment #Ferguson Cops Shot At Caught On Cam (Warning: Strong Language) | Barracuda Brigade

    The US Ambassador that was murdered in Libya was not graced with a team of security personal but Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s White House Senior Advisor, has a 24-hour around the clock detail, with five or six agents full- time. The first person to make this known is democratic pollster Pat Caddell. The press has not mentioned a word about it. Read More:

    What About Classified Content In Emails Sent “To” Hillary Clinton? Did Each Obamabot Also Commit A Felony With Every Email?

    Shameful Media Bias: New York Times Crops George W. Bush Out of Selma Celebration Photo 3/9/15

    Obama says he learned about Hillary's e-mails/server on the news....Either he is the most incompetent President or is lying.

    You'd think in a country as big as #America, we could find someone other than a #Clinton or a #Bush to run for president! #NoDynasties #NoMoreClintonsOrBushs #FreshBlood #BringBackOurConstitution

    ❤️ Have you ever seen Obama do this ? NEVER

    This was such a good place to live until Obama and the Muslims came...his last name is Hussein, wouldn't that have been a red flag about that time y'all were voting him in??

    Notice he shows no respect for our flag


    what's wrong with this picture.....


    Muslim slave children in burqa and chains

    What goes around comes around!

    1-11-15 – As The Gateway Pundit (and everyone else) reported President Barack Obama snubbed the Je Suis Charlie march held in Paris on Sunday that was attended by dozens of world leaders. Reporters took to Twitter to voice their sharp criticisms or questions of judgment regarding the failure of Obama to attend or at least send someone - ANOTHER CATASTROPHIC FAILURE BY OUR TERRORIST-in-CHIEF!!