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mummified 3-year-old twin girls in a family crypt in Italy.

Bonnie and Clyde at funeral parlor.The mob was horrible.One man was even getting ready to cut off Clyde's trigger finger.People were cutting off peice of their clothes and They also were cutting off Bonnie's hair for keepsakes ect.Pretty sick people.

The Great Sarah Bernhardt Asleep in Her Coffin, Silver gelatin print, circa 1882

Time for your daily dose, dear....

A dead woman surrounded by her family. ca.1875. Later in the 19th century and early 20th century photographing the body in the coffin became commonplace. Earlier photos usually portrayed the body as sleeping or, like this photo, alive.

When Caroline Walter of Freiburg, Germany died at the age of 16, her sister Selma had a sculptor cast a life size sculpture for the gravestone. Every morning since Caroline's funeral, a fresh flower was found tucked in the crook of the arm, and still is to this day. Nobody knows who leaves it. Every single morning. Except Caroline died in 1867. For 145 years, someone(s) have been leaving flowers. Now that's devotion.

Victorian tear catchers, usually used by a widowed bride. Upon the day of the funeral, the widow would collect her tears into this small vile, and all the tears she cried in the first year over the loss of her husband, she would capture in this vile she would wear upon her neck. And on the anniversary of his death, she pours the preserved tears atop his gravesite.

A lacrimal, also known as a tear bottle, is used to catch the tears of the mourning. During the Victorian period of the 19th century, those who were mourning would collect their tears in the bottle with special stoppers that allowed the tears to evaporate. When the tears evaporated, the mourning period would end.

1911 Ad Vacuum Cleaner R Armstrong Manufacturing Co

A 1919 Oreo Cookie Ad

Al Capone famous tombstones - Google Search

This nose shaper from 1920. | 25 Health Products You'll Be Glad You Don't See Today

Early Hearse

Formacone formaldehyde deodorizer room disinfector circa 1901 used in Funeral Homes to cover the smell of decomposing bodies.

Every woman thought : "A hit single and underpants? Where do I sign up?"

In the catacombs beneath the Capuchin monastery of Palermo, Sicily, fully clothed cadavers may be found propped upright or hanging from the walls. These are friars, priests, and other clergymen.

It was 24-year-old Angel Pantoja Medina's wish to stand at his own funeral and when this man was found dead, his grieving family made that wish come true. After being embalmed, his corpse was propped up for his three-day Wake in his mother's living room dressed in his favorite Yankees cap and sunglasses. (This may be suspect, can anyone verify)

"Husband Dead? Gun in Hand?" Better call a taxi! Vintage ad for Broadway Cab Co.