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When men lack supervision…


Oh my - that dog can't look at the owner, but you know part of him is like "worth it." I snorted when the owner told the other dog, "And you let this happen. I hope you're happy too."


Pintester- this girl is hilarious! She writes a blog about all the stuff she tries on pinterest & what works & what FAILS. --- pinning this to read later!!!!

I am still laughing

I'm so using that.

Laughing sooo hard!


this is hilarious


not fair


Actually, I call you to help me clean before the real guests arrive.

This story is really freaking funny... I was crying from laughing so hard! A little long but SO worth the laugh! Tears running down my cheeks!


Haha true

lol true

Oh I can think of a few people!

Haha! But seriously.


Laugh out loud

If you're a teacher or work with children, you will understand this.