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    Snowflakes on the body | photography black white . Schwarz-Weiß-Fotografie . photographie noir et blanc | @ pinksugarland |

  • Jane...

    Children's winter photography

  • Tamara Camera Photography & Blog

    Experiment with different perspectives and framing. Up high, down low, bird's eye view, up close and personal. Fill your frame, cut things in half, zoom in on details. Explore all the different techniques available to you when it comes to composition (rule of thirds, leading lines, texture, shape, color, cropping, focus etc). Try and create an image you haven't seen before. Learn more @ #fotoclasses #learn #photography #inspiration #christmas #holidays

  • Barb Hall-Duggan

    Snow falls gently

  • Maegan Powell

    children's photography | outdoor winter

  • Sammie J

    Winter shot

  • Aunna Weinert

    snowflakes on the cutest and most innocent little girl

  • Tina Anderson

    winter snow

  • Deanna Dolanz

    Girl toddler snowflakes winter black and white photography

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Cute idea but I would want to see the fae too. Child blowing paper stars-perfection! idea for christmas cards

If you think positively, then Sound becomes Music, Movement becomes Dance, Smile becomes Laughter, Mind becomes Meditation, And Life becomes Celebration!

I'm going to do a snow session this year if it kills me! I love this look. stunning!

I {love} winter! But can't you just here the distant summer giggles that happened here and how they will never be exactly the same ever again

"There is a kind of beauty so intense, yet so fragile, that we cannot bear to look at it." Harriet Beecher Stowe ~ Uncle Tom's Cabin

each one fell in a hurry, like they couldn't wait for the embrace of impact, and the instant sensation of being made one with the white graveyard of already fallen bodies. -snowflake-//s.

Utajarvi, Oulu Province ("Long Shadows," Heikki Salmi)

This hairstyle is a perfect alternative for a artsy outfit... do artsy hair and a simple outfit! Perfect for a photoshoot

Cute idea for @Meghan Gesswein's three boys. Maybe a little less "Come On, Eileen," though.

I'd love this for a pic with my best friend...... if only it truly snowed here:/