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    More than just multiple choice! 64 task cards to use when teaching the Next Generation Science Standards. 3rd Grade.

    An entire YEAR of science! 144 cards, 4 subject areas, and more than just multiple choice! Created for those using the Next Generation Science Standards*. Cards can also be a review for Fourth-grade students, or a preview for Second-grade. They can be used as class warm-ups, bell work, extra credit, "scoot" game, and countless other ideas! This set covers LIFE SCIENCE (Biology), FORCE & MOTION (Physical Science), WEATHER & CLIMATE

    Students love to be able to make choices in their learning. So, why not let them! Science Choice Boards are a great tool to use in your science classroom because they allow for differentiation along with choice. Students are encouraged to think critically and creatively through the use of Choice Boards.

    Our First STEM Challenge! - Sunny Days in Second Grade

    Science Day: 30 Science Experiments for Kindergarten and First Grade. This is a paid resource for planting seeds, light, sound, gravity, matter, food chains, colors, soil, magnets, heat, shadows, force and motion, clouds, rocks, and many more topics!

    Plant life cycle foldable that could easily be adapted for interactive notebooks. Blog post with LOTS of creative and fun ideas for writing about science while teaching the life cycle of plants. Also includes FREE printable anchor charts for photosynthesis and parts of a plant. ($)


    Mrs. Shaw's Second Grade: Root Beer States of Matter

    Experiment for Kids- Make a Rain Cloud in a Jar

    Once Upon a First Grade Adventure: A Chocolate Lover's Lesson on Matter (with a freebie for you!)

    FREE RESOURCE: A quick reference guide for students covering the basic concepts in elementary science. I like to print a class set in color and then laminate them for my students to use throughout the school year. I have also given the students a copy of this reference sheet to keep in their science notebooks/journals.

    Solids, liquid, and gas sorting activity! part of states of matter unit

    The Science Penguin: States of Matter Anchor Chart

    The Swamp Where Gator Hides by M. Berkes

    After reading The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss, shake up your own butter with a bit of science! Kids will have fun watching a liquid change into a tasty solid!

    This is a really yummy way to teach Matter, teaching matter with root beer floats! Love it....Common Core & So Much More!

    Layers of soill. Bedrock- mini marshmallows. Subsoil- cheerios (whole and crumbled) Topsoil- cocoa krispies mixed with mini m&m's for Humus. Topped with a gummy worm

    Finally, Task Cards specifically for the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards)! *16 multiple choice *16 writing/drawing (great to get students thinking outside the box) 3rd Grade NGSS Task Cards - SCIENCE: Force & Motion (32 Cards)

    Balancing with M&M's - Practice measuring, comparing, making observations, counting, and more.

    STATES OF MATTER Unit Pack. 29 pages of experiments, activities, posters, and a mini book. SOLID, LIQUID, GAS.

    60 Amazing Apps for STEAM #weareteachers

    The water cycle: Drip the Water Drop and his adventure through water.

    Kinetic and Potential Energy (clip) - YouTube

    Frog life cycle writing craft: Students write about each stage of a frog's life cycle.

    Owl Pellet Dissection Activity ~ Students love exploring the food chain through this science investigation! This packet introduces them to key vocabulary and concepts and encourages authentic scientific exploration and discussion. FUN, too! $