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Anime picture 1024x1536 with blade & soul tagme (artist) long hair single tall image looking at viewer pink hair sitting yellow eyes white hair ponytail sunlight wind bicolored hair high heels sunbeam gradient hair girl plant (plants) tree (trees)

Anime picture 598x834 with original shunki teru (matataki_c) long hair tall image blue eyes looking at viewer fringe white hair animal ears holding tail braid (braids) animal tail sunlight hair over one eye bent knee (knees) snow fox ears fox tail single braid

animal barefoot blonde_hair book cake cat dangmill food fruit futaba_anzu idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls loli long_hair pocky red_eyes shorts strawberry teddy_bear twintails

A channel where I post reviews, music, writing, drawing tutorials, dancing, life-hacks, and everything related to being creative and the creative arts. My So...