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Rustic "guest cottage" so cute!

Rustic Hut in Minnesota 5 Magical Cottages That Look Like They Have Been Taken Out of Fairy Tales! - Always in Trend | Always in Trend

A Fairytale Witches Outhouse. Would love to have it as a back yard Fairytale Garden Shed.

Fairytale Tiny House

Fairytale Home - 18 Brilliant Tiny Homes That Will Inspire You to Live Small

Fairytale Home - 25 Brilliant Tiny Homes


by demilked These 17 mystical cottages aren’t images from some childhood fairytale – they’re actual structures that exist somewhere in the world. The cold, boring and concrete lines of modern architecture are definitely not for these architects – their homes are full of organic and unusual forms. It is said that one’s home can speak volumes about whomever it is that lives inside. If so, what do these homes say about the people that live there? Hobbit House In Wales, UK Image credits: Fairy Tale Cottage in Canada Image credits: Three Story Treehouse in British Columbia, Canada Image credits: Nautilus House in Mexico Image credits: Arquitectura Organica Hobbit House in New Zealand Image credits: Ian Brodie The Seashell House in Mexico Image credits: Rustic Way Whimsical House in Minnesota Image credits: Dome Home in Thailand Image credits: Stone House in Portugal Image credits: jsome1 Image credits: VRfoto Akebono Kodomo-no-mori Park in Japan Image credits: yui kubo Forest House in Netherlands Image credits: Abandoned Wooden House in Russia Image credits: Andrew Qzmn Tiny Victorian Cottage in the Catskills, New York Image credits: Crazy House in Vietnam Image credits: Traditional House in Iceland Image credits: Filippo Bianchi Maison de Sorcière Avec Ciel d’orage in France Image credits: Teahouse Tetsu in Yamanashi, Japan Image credits: Terunobu Fujimori FREE subscription to Receive Quality Stories Straight in your Inbox by submitting your Email belowEmail privacy 100% protected. Unsubscribe at any time. RELATED POSTS

These 17 magical cottages are just about the closest you could ever come to living in a fairy tale home.

An article about Rustic Way, a neat little company based in Minnesota that specializes in building whimsical tiny structures out of reclaimed wood. The company is called Rustic Way and the owner is Dan Pauly. He took his love for salvaged and reclaimed wood and started to make several different designs using his whimsical theme. Dan now builds a variety of structures from small play houses to a large guest house. The buildings are custom. Dan works very closely with each customer to achieve a final result that is a perfect match for his client’s needs. The little building ranges in size. The smallest is a six foot depth and the largest to date is a twelve foot depth. The entrance size is about one and a half foot narrower than the depth. So, if you ordered an eight foot building the width would be six and a half feet. The height of the building is 13’6″. Dan also builds beautiful furniture from reclaimed wood and does other exterior work. He enjoys using reclaimed wood that has been around for hundreds of years. He loves to bring out the beauty of the old wood in varied forms. You can view more of his work at the RusticWay website. (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) How cute are these tiny houses?!

windows tin roof blue & white

Russian windows, what an interesting combination of materials (log cabin, tin roof, a very ornate windows)

Beautiful window frames, definitely have that french country feel, and I love cobalt and fresh

blue vintage window frames - love this! repinned from Laurie Anna's Vintage Home

intricate windows door-knobs-doors-and-windows-not-sure-why-but-i-lo

Like the idea of ornate window frames around the rustic cabin

Little blue house - ornate windows in white.

beautiful window trims . . tin roof . . .

Incredible, ornate window trim

beautiful window frames

Offbeat Home & Lifefrom Offbeat Home & Life

A craftsman’s fairy tale cottages built with reclaimed materials

cottages by The Rustic Way

Whimsical Garden Ideas | 15 Cool Garden Sheds That Make Any Garden Better » Fairy Tale Garden ...

~Garden Shed~chicken coop? I think just maybe.

Fairytale garden shed.

Love the work of Dan Pauly from The Rustic Way when it come to building garden sheds, playhouses, warming houses, cottages, saunas or even out houses. The Rustic Way is a little company based in Minnesota that specializes in building whimsical tiny structures out of salvaged and reclaimed wood. They all looks like they are coming directly from a fairy tale, they are all made with old barn wood and ancestral technique. How cute are these tiny houses?!

I love how these little houses look like they've been plucked out of a fairy tale. Dan Pauly makes them entirely out of reclaimed wood. They can be used as garden sheds, saunas, guest cottages, artist studios and play houses for kids. Aren't they darling? {Images via AT by The Rustic Way}


Shed Playhouse My brother and I built this combination lawn mower storage shed and play house for 3 of his grand children Explore

I just realized that a company builds these as garden sheds, play houses, guest houses and saunas "they're great"

tiny house #tinyhouse #tinyhome #minihouse

Image result for fairy-tale-playhouses

tiny house, this is so awesome.

cute whimsical little house.

fairytale tiny house!

Don't let kids have all the fun: these flights of fancy aren't just for playhouses. They also make sweet guest houses and saunas.

Fairy Tale Playhouses

cute cottage.

The Round House in Little Thetford, Cambridgeshire, England. This is said to have been built in the late 1400s. The first public record found is an insurance policy of 1793. The house had a thatched roof. Other buildings: a barn, stable, and a thatched dove house. Photo by grytr, via Flickr.

round house in Little Thetford, Cambridgeshire, England; photo by Flickr user grytr

Round house, in Little Thetford, Near Ely tiny-houses-small-buildings

round house • little thetford, cambridgeshire, england • grytr.

Round brick house, in Little Thetford, England...

a little english cottage in the uk

Old world tiny roundhouse.

Round stone cottage

This residential round house, in Little Thetford, Near Ely, is a Grade II listed building. According to Simon Knott, this is a "...charming 18th century gothick (sic) folly.". Hmmm. I am not so sure but then, I am no expert. It has, er, been snowing. See the same building without the snow. Behind us is the 14th century St. George's church. Treatment: (11, 1.0, 255) levels, (+10) saturation and (37%) warming filter

if i were a guest house...

I wonder if I can make my tiny cabin look like this? Sooooooooooo peaceful!!!

Great Cabin Cottages | Content in a Cottage

Can I live here, please? Dream home.

Log cabin cottage in the woods

cabins, cottages & treehouses

Tiny Houses •~• cottage

cute, green, tiny home

Small Rustic Cabin

small house

Etsyfrom Etsy

Precious Pink Cottage - Limited Edition ACEO Colour Photograph

Cute Pink Cottage

This cute tiny pink house is in Seaside, Florida. The neighborhood is full of colorful houses | Tiny House Movement

Beach house. I could totally and completely see myself living in this little pink house! So darling!!

This is a small house, not a tiny, but I think this look could be carried over to a Tiny House.

Beach house... would be a cute guest house, pink house Seaside Florida

Tiny pink beach house. Dare I paint our tiny home pink???

Beach house... would be a cute guest house, pink house

Tiny cottage #tinyhouse #cottage

Happy PINK Saturday Everyone! If I lived in a very PINK world, I would wake up in this sweet PINK house!  source: Then I would go down to my very PINK kitchen to make a cozy warm cup of tea.   (source: ) Then I would do some laundry in my very PINK laundry room.  (source: ) While my laundry is doing it's swirlin and twirlin, I would go to my studio and craft some sweet PINK crafts like this beautiful PINK chalkboard frame   (source: and these adorable PINK Christmas trees.   (source: ) After the chores were done and my PINK crafts completed, I would hop into my very PINK VW bus,  (source: ) head to the beach and my very PINK beach cottage  (source: ) where I would kick back with a glass of PINK bubbly  (source: ) and watch the sunset over the horizon! All these images and more can be found on my PINK Pinterest board! Please stop by How Sweet the Sound where Beverly has more PINK inspiration waiting for you! Have a wonderful Weekend, filled with Bubbles of JOY, xxoo Nan

Small Houses | Tiny House Pins

Little cottage by the ocean

Tiny House - Love! The white picket fence is the clincher! To build for a guest house in the backyard? It's a tiny version of our house!

Little cottage - This is my very favorite! Chimney, white picket fence, shutters and a red door... plus a garden planter in the entry path. What's not to love?

Little cottage by the ocean love the fence and red door. jeje

Little cottage... cute....always wanted a white picket fence

Tiny House - Love! The white picket fence is the clincher!

Cute little cottage with a picket fence <3 #tinyhouse

Small cottage with a red door and picket fence.

Small house, white picket fence

Tiny cottage & picket fence

Beautiful Small Living

Guest house....Or tiny house with a gorgeous backyard, pool and all! You'd have the money to spare to have one !

Some people like huge dream houses...I prefer smaller cozy places with a serene private backyard and a small pool for relaxing.

i love the small house,backyard and most of all the small pool!

backyard for our bungelow. Small pool just to cool off in.

what a nice backyard for such a little house

Cute little house with an awesome backyard

Inspiring Backyards w/ small pool & house

Love this backyard! Cute little house!

backyard guesthouse

cedar shake sided cottage- and that white chair on the front-is where i am going to read my favorite novels :)

rainy-day-lattes: millionen: untitled by sarah fina on Flickr. Dream home

A guest house or a grandma house...either way, it's cute.

A perfect tiny house with a white picket fence.

Seriously my dream home! love💜

Id be okay with a little house.

nice little house

dream cottage

Tiny Cottage

Small house

tiny house

tiny #home design #interior house design|

It's the little details that make even a tiny house incredibly welcoming.

Tiny home [ roof lines |

Australian small house

french tiny homes | Simple Living in a Tiny Cottage

tiny house for mother-in-law guest house

tiny cottage, tiny house

tiny yellow house...


green cottage.

cute green tiny house. Loving the small house trend. Less of a footprint and more economical living!

Small Houses To Build | Business :: Real Estate :: Hawaii Home Help :: Small Homes Make Sense

Small homes make sense: why you should have a small house

Lovely green cottage. #lime #green #house #exterior

It's not a greenhouse ~ it's a green house!

Small house home tiny cottages cabin

cute tiny house | Cute small houses

Small cottage

Cozy Cottage

love this cottage porch

pretty porch details - NOW I want these again. I had that trim on my front porch and had them taken off and now I'd give anything to have them back again. Wish I had kept them. (Why do I do things like that, that I latter regret???)

Even a Tiny House needs a usable front porch!! | photo from Flickr

Cottage Porch (Oak Bluffs colorful gingerbread cottage porch)

Gingerbread Cottage, Porch - Martha's Vineyard, Mass.

Oak Bluffs colorful gingerbread cottage porch

love this porch and the Gothic window!

Gingerbread porch details

Possible exterior colors?

Gothic Victorian porch

Winter Stream, Tiny House

Tiny House. As long as the river doesn't rise you're okay. Lovely brick house in the woods.

Casa pequeña / Tiny House moonandtrees: the house of the gatekeeper by Sylvia Okkerse on...

moonandtrees: the house of the gatekeeper by Sylvia Okkerse on Flickr.

House of the gatekeeper, Geldrop, Holland by Sylvia Okkerse on Flickr

the house of the gatekeeper by Sylvia Okkerse. I'll take it! <3 ;)

Tiny House by the water; as a guest house !

Gate keeper's small house in Holland.

Lovely cozy cottage

Winter scene.


An entry from Emilialua

Christmas cottage - I would love this!

Christmas cottage. My dream house. except i wanna have kids and they might not fit

Sandy Foster built her tiny home and welcomes the holidays.

Ooh look at that tiny house! Little Christmas cabin!

Christmas cottage. An even better get away place : )

Winter day in the country ~ Christmas cottage

Christmas Cottage ~~ I absolutely LOVE this!!

The smallest Christmas house I've seen!

My future garden shed :)

Thank you for such a great year, and for the many online, and in-person, friendships that have been made through this blog. 2012 has been great for me, and this blog, and we have some BIG things, tiny-house-wise, to come.... A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!  Sandy Foster's Tiny Shabby-Chic Cabin in The Catskills- this one is also shown in my book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks". LOVE this lil' place! Check out her very cool blog HERE 

Tiny Edwardian Single Bedroom

(Tiny Edwardian Single #bedroom #bedroom decor #bedroom design|

Tiny Edwardian Single #BedRoom #bedroom design #Bed Room #bedroom decor|

Tiny Edwardian Single Bedroom- small room

bedroom narrow like for Emma

Nice small bedroom

Vintage bedroom...

Pretty bed frame

Tiny Bedroom

A fusty old Edwardian bedroom at Beamish by tinhelmet on Flickr.

rustic french doors

"Beautiful rustic French style doors always look so romantic and give a feeling of old country Europe. Some gorgeous old French doors are a perfect backdrop for a romantic setting." Quoted from the source

french decor | Beautiful rustic French style doors always look so the top of the stairs in the living room :)

french decor | Beautiful rustic French style doors always look so romantic and give a ...

french decor | Beautiful rustic French style doors would look awesome on my covered deck

french decor | Beautiful rustic French style doors. So simplistic yet so effective

Old door idea..great use of vintage door and shutters!

Old shutters & doors as decor..Good Idea!

Rustic doors for interior decor

Simple Decor Idea

tiny cottage

This tiny cottage is super cute. This is the kind of tiny house that I want!

Academic Village Cottage. So much like a shotgun house cheerful!

I really like the formal look of this. Beautiful small cottage

very cute tiny house and the beautiful red door!!!

very cute tiny house and feng shui red door!

Small house home tiny cottages cabin

tiny cottage with red door

Cute small space

seaside fl....perfect little beach house for 2! This is all you need! .tiny.,Beach Cottages,BrainFood: Design,cottages,For My Home And Garden,Home and Garden,Our Future Home,Simple,Tiny homes,Tiny Houses,

tiny cottage

Hobbit house? No, this is really a cozy cottage by the sea.

"Pretty cob house." What a charming retreat from the world!

Darling, darling fairytale cottage!

Quaint fairy-tale charming cottage


.Oh a Tiny House Duplex!!

beautiful little cottage

fairy tale tiny cottage

Fairy tale cob house.

A little cottage in the forest ... Why not?

Tiny Victorian cottage in the Catskills

cottage play house? fancy potting shed

little white house tucked away...

Shabby Garden Summer House

small house cottage

Tiny house...jj

Small cottage

tiny cottage

The garden shed