Nice chart for companion planting. Companion planting helps reduce the need for pesticides and other chemicals by taking advantage of the natural plant interactions.

Example of companion planting, I'm inspired...hope it lasts til spring planting time!

Companion planting means putting plants together in the garden that like each other, or help each other out

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Vegetables You Can Grow in The Shade



Vegetable garden plans for raised beds. Loooove the Lettuce and onion companion planting is brilliant!

What is an Edible Forest Garden? It is the art & science of putting plants together in woodland-like patterns that forge mutually beneficial relationships, creating an ecosystem that is more than the sum of its parts. You can grow fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, other useful plants, & animals in a way that mimics natural ecosystems. You can create a beautiful, diverse, high-yield garden. If designed with care & deep understanding of ecosystem function, it is largely self-maintain...

Raspberry Bed 2'x8' 5 plants

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Save your vegetable garden! With these companion plants, you can up your harvest and avoid sharing your produce with unwanted pests.

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Companion planting is the secret, the lettuce and the onions complement each other on shape, flavor and allows to plant more food in raised beds.

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Companion Planting Guide

The Homestead Survival | Garden Plants That Are Not Companions | Homesteading | Gardening

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Veg Growing Cheat Sheet - David Domoney companion planting