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DONE! Doesn't look good on me w side fringe. Double braid tutorial

I wish I was girly enough to do this myself!! I'm so bad at fancy hair and make up!

Simple + pretty updo tutorial

Braided Bun Tutorial, cute but I have too much hair for this.

THE FUN BUN aka how to do a top knot. this is actually really easy for short-ish hair too! just a few more bobby pins keeping the hair up top.

No one seems to understand how to use these. This is a great tutorial, and you don't have to do the teasing since your bun doesn't need to be so big for ballet.

What I used to do in college when I had hair, hahaha. I didn't use a pretty flower though, just a pencil or nail. ♥

Knotted Bun Tutorial. As a mom of busy boys I know that sometimes we just throw our hair up in a ponytail of a hair clip and forget about it. Here's a really cute, really quick "new" look so you'll feel like you at least got to do your hair today.