oo words with Fruit Loops!

Fruit Loop Spelling and other spelling activities

Flying into First Grade: Freebie and BrainPopJr. video (free)

Spelling / Word Work - 13 Worksheets

If I still taught 1st grade, I'd make these to go in the word work for Daily 5

Learning sight words is more fun when you can build up a cool sticker collection too! I created this sight word sticker book to use with some of my students this week, and they have been so much more motivated to read and practice sight words each day!

H Brothers anchor chart after our word sorting mini-lesson. I wrote the words a head of time on flash cards and then let the kiddos sound out the words and glue them on the chart according to which digraph the word had. Now, this anchor chart lives in our word work center so that the kiddos can practice reading and making H Brother words.

sight word graphing

Eat your words! Fun was to teach the oo sound

Comparing Apples & Pumpkins Venn Diagram (how are they the same & how are the different) - Higher Level thinking!!!

Word wall center, children read the word to a partner, then build the word with the magnet letters. This is made with a large oil drip pan from an auto parts store:)

First Grade Fever!: Wacky Weather FREEBIE! Use with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

The ULTIMATE printable phonics pack! Over 80 no-prep interactive activities-- Sounds, rhyming, syllables, short & long vowels, CVC words, blends, and digraphs. $

word unscramble

One student reads a word while two other students race to try to smack the bug with the corresponding word. Could do with math problems as well.

Print 6 different MESSED UP sentences and glue them onto a tissue box. The kids roll the box, read the sentence, write it, and then revise it. Great for a writing center!

4 ready to print and use work with words centres for les cinq au quotidien (The Daily Five).

Bear in the Cave Game-Learning Subtraction

Rowdy in First Grade: Adjectives and Reading Rings

first grade literacy centers