• Kaleigh Hoyle

    best feeling, forehead kiss.

  • BP Comfort

    :-* I am so very, very lucky to have someone like YOU!! Someone who has a heart of gold that melts me the way you care for others..that inspires me to be more like you..someone who is so incredibly beautiful that I can't get you out of my mind & don't want to! You are so wonderful & I still am amazed that you love me!! Being with you is my favorite place to be! I miss YOU my darling!! I Do Love YOU!!!***

  • Melissa Medeiros Bonilla

    Although a kiss on the forehead would mean I'd be just as lucky to have them :)

  • Ashley

    Truth, feeling alone right now! :(

  • Greg Campbell

    It would be nice to feel wanted like this...

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I wish!

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One reason.


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