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    Australian Peacock Spider



    • Andrew Stallworth

      The Peacock spider or Gliding spider, Maratus Volans, is a species of jumping spider found on the Eastern coast of Australia. I would wet my pants!!!!!

    • Karen Wischhusen

      Male of the Australian peacock spider Maratus volans displaying to a female. ( look at this @Stacey McKenzie McKenzie McKenzie McKenzie McKenzie Self Huebel )

    • Kathleen Skinner

      Male of the Australian peacock spider Maratus volans displaying to a female. Adorable. I fell in love immediately.

    • A Rocha International

      The back of the Australian peacock spider (Maratus volans), quite pretty really... • Photo: Jurgen Otto

    • Anastasia LaBella

      The Back of the Australian Peacock Spider or Gliding Spider (Maratus volans). This colourful display from male peacock spiders is in fact a mating ritual. The male flashes its brightly coloured, iridescent stomach flaps in a bid to attract females. Even if these arachnids did attack, they wouldn't get far because the adults only grow to about 5mm long. It is confined to specific parts of Australia.

    • Barbara Taylor

      Peacock spider or Gliding spider (Maratus volans), a species of jumping spider, is confined to eastern parts of Australia (Queensland, New South Wales). The red, blue and black colored males have flap-like extensions of the abdomen with white hairs that can be folded down. They are used for display during mating: the male raises his abdomen, then expands and raises the flaps so that the abdomen forms a white-fringed, circular field of color.

    • Stacey Button

      The back of the Australian peacock spider. I bow to the wonders of God once again.

    • ela wijas

      15 Amazing Animals You Won't Believe Are Real - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

    • Linda Strong

      Creepy crawly colorful spider

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