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Learn math with LEGO! LEGO Learning Math Games are a great way to get kids learning.

In this quick and easy game, students compete against one another to form the highest decimal number using playing cards. This game challenges students to think critically about the place value of digits in decimal numbers and how each digit's placement impacts the total value of the number.

Free Math Songs!

Math Notebooks

How Can You Use Your Hands as Multiplication Manipulatives?

Coin Top-It is a game from the Everyday Math Series for first grade. It is played like the traditional card game, War. Students flip over cards with coins on them (valued up to 16 cents) and determine which card has the highest value. The player with the highest value gets to keep both cards.

Adding machine! :-) super simple to make and fun for the kids to learn about adding/composing numbers!

Simple math card games that kids love to play! Perfect for kindergarten and first grade kids!

FREE geometry cards, vocal. equal, side, vertices.


Telling time. Hour hand info is especially helpful for kids.

Practice math facts with "Let's do our doubles" video.

Fraction and Decimal Number LineOrdering Fractions and Decimals HANDS-ON ACTIVITY!Use this FUN activity to teach, review, and assess your students!Great for whole class activity with partners and in small group instruction.Just Print, Laminate, and Cut!Notice the Orange OUTLINE of the Number Line?

Math Mentor Text: Perimeter, Area, and Volume-great hook for a math lesson. Two activities using graph paper to teach area and perimeter. Hands-on activities to easily incorporate during your math block.

Building shapes from popsicle sticks

Preschool Math Activities: Our Playful Math Curriculum

Number Chants and Counting Songs: Teaching Early Mathematics Skills, Shapes, Money and Telling Time

Helping kids tackle difficult word problems in math

Excellent colorful multiplication chart. Much better to have it in color to help us memorize and see what we're doing! Slide fingers across from the left and down from the top to find a multiple.

Adding machine! :-) super simple to make and fun for the kids to learn about adding/composing numbers!

Duh! Why haven't I done this before? Kids need to see before they remember. LL

You can buy math manipulatives, make them yourself, or find them around your house! Maybe you already have some, but need a few more ideas.

Math Game for Kids Based on Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by Buggy and Buddy!

You Might be a First Grader...: Number Bond. This is for Susan, Ashlee, Nancy and Shannon.