the things we do for tacos...

Kalani Hilliker #DanceMoms @blownxawayx94

oh barbara.

Happy 12th Birthday Miss Kendall K !!! you're amazing and gorgeous ILY ❤️❤️❤️


Comment If I should make more! Credit to ultimate DM lover & redpanda121

Bahahaha! Oh my gosh

Kalani Hilliker, Mackenzie Ziegler, and Kendall Vertes

Yes, I know I'm the meanest mom in the world. They made me sign a contract before I could bring you home from the hospital.

Kendall's snapchat 8/16/15

Let's play just dance @lex

*sigh* I SO wish I could be on dance moms, or atleast compare to their ability.. They are so friendly, and nice to each other! Awwww!

Good parenting.

lol...very true!

maddie ziegler #DanceMoms @blownxawayx94


Don't know why but obsessed with this photo

Dance Lessons Starter Kit- (4 DVDs)

Maddie and Mackenzie