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Calendar Wall with student led activites

Calendar routine to do in the morning with students as well as complete instructions. I am not quite this involved, but I do make sure most of it is student run, with a calendar helper who calls on the other students to answer.

morning routine area in a 2nd grade classroom; student mailboxes

Morning routine area in a classroom; student mailboxes, access to homework/ assignments, and important information. A good way to keep the classroom organized.

Bright Ideas! My Adhesive Whiteboard Table!

Bright Ideas! My Adhesive Whiteboard Table! (Soaring Through Second Grade)

Soaring Through Second Grade: Bright Ideas! My Adhesive Whiteboard Table! What a great idea, now have to find this whiteboard stuff.

I think I will use this set up to display our objectives for the day. Each section will be for each subject. I might change it daily, or weekly, depending on what we are working on.

Homework board OR keep track of stuff going on at school (sports, leaving early, no school days, holidays, meetings). Could just use whiteboard paint on a huge board and divide with tape!

Miss Kindergarten: bulletin board. Color words

bulletin board

Miss Kindergarten: Classroom Setup.AWESOME weather chart at end AND neat first day photo/Miss Bindergarten project nice and neat colors!

BE....  I love this as a door for the first month of school! I can have the kids pick the trait they think matches who they are and put their first day of school pic on it.

'Be' Bulletin Board Ideas. Talk to your students about the qualities it takes to be a successful student. This is a great way to encourage the character traits you wish to see in your students and It is a perfect idea for your classroom door decoration.

Great idea for Open House! by celia

Our Small-Town Idaho Life: MY CLASSROOM- Parents have to guess which one is their child's on parent-teacher night!