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  • Virginia Milligan

    Secret Garden dreams...Forest Angel, the Ozarks, Missouri

  • Sarah Nasal

    Forest Angel, The Ozarks, Missouri. If I came across this in the forest, I would be seriously alarmed. This looks like a suitable place for a weeping angel to lurk.

  • Amy Berrett

    Forest Angel, The Ozarks, Missouri / Had to have been something there long ago and all that is left is this angel. What? The year? What? ***Again Doctor Who has ruined me for angels- all I see? The scout or lookout. <== Oh gosh, I live in Missouri! Now I really have to be wary of all angel statues.

  • Hailey Wagar

    "Forest Angel, The Ozarks, Missouri" Never going to Missouri. Weeping Angels live in the woods

  • Sarah Ames

    Forest angel in the Ozarks, Missouri. Makes me think of the weeping angels in Doctor Who.

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