Rudolph ornament made from Styrofoam ball and yarn

Beautiful Handmade Christmas Ornaments - Adorn your Christmas tree with these beautiful handmade Christmas ornaments. These easy to make ornaments will hang on your tree for generations, or you can wrap them up for personalized, homemade Christmas gifts.


Cute wood craft reindeer

Snowman Ornament Made with battery operated tea light.

DIY Glass Ball Ornaments

Elf Pinecone Ornaments

DIY Yarn Balls

glove reindeer ornaments

This Seashell Manger Scene Christmas Nativity Ornament is sure to be a favorite.  This handmade Nativity Manger Scene Ornament was made here at Sea Things in V

Popsicle Stick Ornaments

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

rustic handmade ornaments.

You can make this cute, Springy Snowman Ornament with two balls of Styrofoam brand foam and a chenille stem. Great gift idea, too.

Take a styrofoam ball, buttons, and sewing pins. Stick the pins through the holes on the buttons, and then stick the buttons into the styrofoam. Make sure to fill the whole ball with buttons! Have fun!

Glitter Ball Ornament

Handmade ornaments

Golf ball Santa and Snowman! Cute!

Christmas Ornaments DIY (click through for a series of excellent handmade ornaments)

Roost Felt Snowflake Ball Ornaments – Modish Store

Love birds? Then don't let your Christmas tree be without these adorable handmade Christmas decorations made with almonds. It's also a fun way to use your leftover craft fabric. Kids will love it too!