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I love globes. They are great decorations that keep reminding me that the worl's a relatively small place and I need to see as much of it as I can!

Just got one of these in a thrift shop downtown Delray that lights up. :) Oh, so wonderful. Don't know why, just is. :)

Secretly hoping this globe is actually a ring box that my future fiancé plans to use because, HELLO, perfect.

GLOBE~Simply gorgeous globes. I want one! I don't know what it is, but something about a globe intrigues me! How cool.

My parents had this and I loved plugging it in and making it glow :)

1960s Vintage World Globe // Around the World, I want a globe for my class. When talking about diffrent places in the world, where they speak spanish.It would be such a good idea

he sees the truck...TRUCK!!! he says.

My globe collection is growing thanks to our many visits to the flea market :) Now to find a good place for them in the house! LOL!

Instead of toys - christmas present