Great parenting quote: To the mom who is...breastfeeding, formula feeding, cloth diapering, using disposable diapers, working or staying at home...You are a good mom!

Breastfeeding. I remember this clearly and see it with clients ALL. THE. TIME! Take it day by day and ask for quality help and you will be very surprised how quickly you get to that last mark.





Striped nursing tank dress in teal! #breastfeeding #ovariancancerawareness #tealtuesday

Tina fey is brilliant

Infographic on a mommy’s guide on breastfeeding.....great resource

different ways to say goodbye. would be cute framed by the front door.

Baby Sleep Position....dead on accurate


What to eat when you're breastfeeding (with answers about alcohol & coffee too)

Bahahaha omg i just died!!!

Hey girl, If anybody gives you shit about breastfeeding in public, you tell me.

Seriously... Is this too much to ask??

Cute baby wrap